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Key obstacles on path to intra-Afghan talks remain unsolved

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KABUL: Sources in the government say that France and Australia are unhappy with the release of a number of 400 Taliban prisoners expected to be released from government custody.

According to the sources who spoke Wednesday on condition of anonymity, six of the prisoners are former service members of the Afghan army who defected to Taliban after killing French and Australian soldiers.

They were arrested and are now in held by the government.

The ‘green on blue’ attacks in which foreign soldiers were the victims were mostly carried out by Taliban’s infiltrators in the Afghan army and police.

Secondly, the government urges Taliban to release its soldiers.

Hekmatullah, Shokrullah, Mohammad Dawood, Abdul Saboor and Naqibullah are the prisoners kept on charges of attacking foreign soldiers, according to media reports.

Germany, Qatar, Norway, Uzbekistan and Indonesia have formed a committee titled ‘Peace Friends’ with the United Nations being member of the body.

Most of Taliban’s negotiators are graduates of the Haaqqaniya seminary, a Pakistan-based religious school named after Jalaluddin Haqqani, the late founder of notorious Haaqqani network who claims responsibility for deadly attacks in Afghanistan.

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