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Key port, 10 districts fall to Taliban

AT News

KABUL: Taliban have managed to capture the districts of Nahrin and Baghlan-e-Markazi in Baghlan in the north, Shah Joy in Zabul in the south, Qarqin and Khamab in Jawzjan in north, Choora in Uruzgan in south, Ahmad Khil and Laja Mangal in Paktia in east and Gol Tapa and Chahar Dara in Kunduz province also in the north.

Local officials and provincial council confirm the reports, with officials in Kunduz saying that the important Sherkhan port that borders with Tajikistan had also fallen to the insurgents.

Safdar Mohseni, head of Baghlan provincial council, said Tuesday that the Baghlan-e-Makrzai district fell to the insurgents late Monday and Nahrin district fell early Tuesday.

Taliban had earlier taken control of thee districts of Borka, Dahana-e-Ghori, Doshi and Jelga in Baghlan.

In Zabul province in the south, Dor Mohammad Qeyam, member of provincial council, said that the Shah Joy district fell to militants without any clashes and soldiers stationed there moved to Qalat city the provincial capital.

Prior to Shah Joy, Taliban had taken the Shinkay district where their fighters escorted government forces to leave the district.

The government said that the army evacuation from Shinkay was intelligence secret.

In Jawzjan province in the north, the birthplace of powerful figure Marshal Abdul Rashid Dostum, provincial council officials confirmed that the districts of Qarqin and Khamab fell to militants without conflicts. The army deployed there retreated to the provincial capital of Sheberghan city without any threats from Taliban, according to members of provincial council.

They said that a small number of Taliban took control of Qarqin and Khamab after the soldiers withdrew.

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