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Key to peace at the hand of Taliban

By Eshan

KABUL: As our beloved people are aware of the agreement which had been signed between US and Taliban group to pave the ground for the reduction in violence all over the country and everyone has praised the move, our home compatriots have called for the continuation of the deal. Our people has expected the partial truce lead to a complete ceasefire and a dignified peace in Afghanistan with the perseverance of past 18 years’ achievements.

As the Taliban recently signed a deal with the US, it appears that their game is over and that they will not be supported by the world empowers because the title of Jihad and Emirate are no longer the motives for them. Thus, the Afghans demand is the Taliban to denounce carnage, violence, war and conflict which have brought fear sorrow and trauma among the Afghan mass.

Our people understand the criminology of the terrorist groups because they have come under oppression of these terrorist groups during past two decades.

At the end we all hope for a sustainable and comprehensive peace, in which all aspects of the society would be included, and we call on all terrorist groups, especially Taliban – who were used calling the Afghan government a puppet and killed tens and tens of people – and now that they reconciliated with the Taliban – to tie hands together and don’t be gullible by the enemies and play a role in the development and reconstruction of the country and compensate for their people.

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