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Khalilzad encourages youth to advocate for inclusive peace team

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KABUL: In the wake of prolong odyssey in the Afghan peace process and US’s push for peace, the US Special Envoy for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad has held invigorating talks with the Afghan youth and has encouraged them to engage their communities and play a role of advocates for an inclusive and national negotiation team.

Khalilzad wrote in has twitter that he was engaged in invigorated of talks with students from all over Afghanistan including his birthday Mazar-e-Sharif. He emphasized that the young “will benefit the most from the peace”, and asked the youth to build trust and engage communities to reach a peace agreement.

“Young will benefit most from peace. To get there, I encouraged them to engage their communities, build trust and advocate for an inclusive, national negotiation team.” Khalilzad twitted.

Moreover, he also spent a couple of hours speaking with students from American University of Afghanistan and leaders discussing peace issues.

“Spent a couple of hours speaking with American University of Afghanistan student leaders about their interests in a peaceful in Afghanistan and the many ways they can help deliver peace. Both the university and student body have come so far.”

Khalilzad who is on his fifth peace tripe to the region and beyond to discuss peace talks with the Taliban, has returned Afghanistan recently after visiting some European countries and took the Afghan issue with them.

Previously held talks with the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and some other Afghan politicians over to bring the broader-face on the ongoing peace talks.

Khalilzad met four times with the Taliban officials in Doha, Qatar. He would soon to them and this with expectation to reach a peace agreement with them. So far Khalilzad and Taliban negotiating members did not reach any sorts of agreement, but once Khalilzad said they reached agreement in principle.

He said to take the issue of ceasefire and direct talks with the Kabul administration with Taliban members in the forthcoming meeting.

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