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Khost residents protest construction of military installations by Pakistan in Angoor Ada

AT-KABUL: Tens of people staged protest demonstration in Khost province on Monday, condemning the construction of military installations by Pakistan along the Durand Line. The protesters urged the government to take all necessary measures to stop Pakistani army.

The protesters were chanting the slogans of ‘dead to Pakistan’ and ‘dead to Iran. They were also carrying banners of anti-Pakistan and Iran slogans. They urged the two neighboring countries to stop their intervention in Afghanistan.

Government officials recently said that Pakistan army is building military installations along the Durand Line. The protestors called this act of Pakistan as aggression and said that Afghans will spare no efforts to defend their country.

Ahmad Khan, one of the protesters said that they will respond to any kind of foreign aggression. He urged the government to keep its silence over the issue and should adopt a clear policy towards Pakistan.

The protesters called on President Ashraf Ghani to respond to Pakistan’s aggression. The protestors strongly denounced Iran and Pakistan’s interference and urged the government to pay the two countries’ with the same coin.

They warned Pakistan to restrain from building military installations on Afghan soil or the country will face a strong reaction from people of Afghanistan.

It is worth mentioning that construction of the installations recently sparked fight between Afghan border police and Pakistan army in Angor Ada area of Pakitika province.

Local officials in Paktika province said that Pakistan still continues to construct installations in Angor Ada.

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