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Khpalwak puts rest to rumors over ceding some regions to Taliban insurgents

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: There be would no office for the Taliban insurgents anywhere unless they come to the table of talks, and nod for the current unprecedented peace offer prompted by the National Unity  Government, peace officials said.

Officials of High Peace Council (HPC), and the Ulema Council of Afghanistan jointly appeared before media on Monday, in which they talked about recent peace offer to the Taliban, saying the peace plan earned widespread support, including the country’s Ulema. Regarding the Taliban insurgents political office, they said that no office is acceptable anywhere in the world unless they accept peace offer.

Head of HPC’s Secretariat and the President’s Senior Political Adviser, Mohammad Akram Khpalwak, told mediamen that “no peace talks, means no office for the Taliban.”

“If the group is not ready for peace talks, then having office or any other kind of facility to them has no place in government programs,” he warned Taliban insurgents of no office, but to accept peace offer.

According to him, the NUG, the Afghan nation, and HPC officials would accept such political office that could lead to peace negotiation.

Pointing toward Qatar Taliban office, he said that this is not an official office of the group. But said there are some Taliban representatives in the office.

The NUG has offered a comprehensive peace proposal to the Taliban insurgents during second Kabul Conference. “We are waiting for a direct response from Taliban after unparalleled peace offer,” he said.

Putting rest to the current rumors over ceding some regions of the country to the Taliban insurgents as part of peace efforts, Khpalwak brushed aside the report, terming it as baseless.

“All outcomes come out from negotiation, or peace plan with the Taliban will be broadly shared with the nation,” he added.

In the wake of Afghan-Pakistan Ulema conference to be held in Jakarta of Indonesia, Khpalwak called on the Taliban insurgents to send their representatives, aimed at discussing issue and way out from it.

Meanwhile, a member of the Ulema Council, Mawlawi Enayatullah Baligh has welcomed the government peace offer. He lauded efforts exerted by the HPC for conveying peace message to the nation and the world.

Recently, some report surfaced regarding closure of the Taliban’s political office in Qatar.

It is worth mentioning that Taliban’s Qatar office could have been nuisance to the Afghan government as it might pave ground for other players to engage with the group—the result could be positive and negative, and even great fence ahead of peace process.

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