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Kidnapped child’s family demands his release, warns to block roads

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KABUL: Tens of people on Sunday staged demonstration in Mazar-e-Sharif, the capital city for the northern province of Balk to protest the government’s carelessness regarding the release of a child being kidnapped for a long time. They warned to block the roads if the government didn’t release, Abdu Raouf, a nine years old childe from the kidnappers.

Abdul Raouf was abducted in November in Mazar-e-Sharif and police are unable to find his whereabouts and rescue him.

The protestors carried Raouf’s pictures, chanting “we want justice”. They gave the government 72 hours deadline to release the child or they would block the paths to Aqina, Hairatan and Shirkhan ports.

“The government should answer,” said Mohammad Nabi, the kidnapped child’s father. “If Ashraf Ghani is our president, he should hear our voices.” He accused the government of being involved in kidnapping of his child. Nabi said that he had asked the Taliban to help in release of the child. According to him, the Taliban arrested 12 people on charge of their involvement in the kidnapping. “10 of them acknowledged their involvement in the abduction,” he added. “The kidnappers sent videos of the child to me, in which he is suffering.”

The abductors asked for 500,000 dollar ransom.

Earlier, President Ashraf Ghani warned the provincial officials that they would be dismissed if the child was not released from the kidnappers. The provincial police denied providing fresh details about the child’s kidnapping.

Provincial Governor Farhad Azimi said earlier that the security forces conducted more than 20 operations to release the childe from the kidnappers. He said that 22 perpetrators were arrested on charge of kidnapping the childe.

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