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KM plans to privatize sanitation services

AT-KABUL: The Kabul Municipality (KM) announced on Sunday that sanitation and cleaning services of the capital would be privatized soon.

“Contract of cleaning and sanitation services of Kabul’s five districts will be given to a private sector in the next six months,” said Kabul Mayor, Abdullah Habibzai.

He said that this project would be initiated as a test case within six months, if it had better results, the municipality would award long-term contract of Kabul’s sanitation to a private company.

Pointing to increase in garbage heaps and pollution in the capital city, the mayor said that insufficient personnel and equipment as well as lack of cooperation on part of the local community and increase in population are main factor behind the issues.

Scarcity of a system for sanitation and cleaning of Kabul city, outdated bureaucracy and existence of aged staffers are other challenges faced by the KM, he added.

Pointing to the presence of ghost staff, he said the KM has thwarted 450 ghost employees in the past four months.

Lack of standard canalization is another problem in the city, he noted.

Although, the municipality initiated different steps to solve the problem of pollution and sanitation but these efforts failed to produce results due to lack of staff and modern machinery.

By handing over the responsibility of sanitation and cleaning of Kabul city to private sector all challenges will be addressed, he underlined.


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