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Kohistan, Tayware districts fall to Taliban

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: The Kohistan district of Northern Faryab province and the Tayware district of western Ghor province fell to Taliban after hours of clashes on Sunday morning, officials said.

“Kohistan district fall to Taliban, after Afghan local police tactically retreated,” said Faryab Governor Spokesman Jawid Bedar.

He said that Taliban has raided on Kohistan district last night and heavy clashes were going on between insurgents and Afghan forces in the district.

He said that Kohistan is a mountainous district, where mostly local police have presence. Army and police has also presence there, but there figure is not enough.

Clashes going on around the district to retake the district from Taliban, he added.

He said that as requested aerial assistance forces reached to the district, but we need more forces to take control of the district back.

He said that Ministries of Defense and Interior must seriously pay attention to the district and send additional troops; otherwise we will face a catastrophe in the district.

Taliban have closed transportation ways of Kohistan district in the past one year and the residence of the district faced to food sanction, he mentioned. Residences of the district were against Taliban thus they closed ways to oblige people stop resistance against Taliban.

He said that Taliban threats are sensible in Sherintagab, Khwaja Sabzposh and Dawlatabad district of Faryab, where still Afghan forces bravely resistant.

Government must conduct a big operation in different district of Faryab in order to reinforce security in the province, he insisted.

Another district Tayware has also fallen to Taliban today morning.

“Tayware district of western Ghor province has fallen to Taliban hand after Taliban massively attacked on the district last night,” said Ghor Governor Spokesman Abdul Hai Khatibi.

He said that the district fall to Taliban today (Sunday) at 9:00am.

No report in hand about casualties, but operation going on around the district to capture it back, he added.

Additional forces request from center of the province and they are on the way toward the district, he underlined.


Taliban in separate statements said that their fighters took control of Kohistan district headquarter, police headquarter and all defense posts  in Faryab as well as captured Tayware district of Ghor today. They said that the enemy sustained many casualties as well as enough weapons seized in the districts.

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