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Kundoz is not destination?

Ali Jan Khan-Rulers and policy makers in neighbouring Pakistan left with no option other than denouncing IS militants when they ahead with fingers from rest of the world over what happened in Kundoz or being happening in Northern Afghanistan. Whatever might be claims and justifications on the part of Pakistan but everyone is well aware about the sanctuaries of militants, exists on eastern side of the Durand Line.

Analysts throughout the world have expressed doubts over sincerity of several stake holders of War on terror, commenced soon after 9/11 tragedy. Primarily war on terror was successful but after couple of years, it went wrong. Almost militants not only from neighbouring Afghanistan and Pakistan but also from other parts of the world slipped into disputed tribal territory. These militants mysteriously grown and enabled of establishing well protected sanctuaries. On such grounds, some of the analysts have been dubious about victory of so-called war on terror. Whereas former Afghan President Hamid Karzai and some of his aides, really interested in return of peace and tranquility in the region have later on endorsed such doubts.

No one can neglect the fact that US is not alone in its strategies of establishing and expanding its influence in all over the world. In Asian region, US having some visible and declared aides like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, with whom support first succeeded in dismantling of its one time strong foe USSR and later on destablising of the Middle East. Process is still going on and Afghanistan may be in the list. But at the same time contribution of “visible and declared enemy” Iran in making victorious the US in the region is not less than Saudi Arabia. With undeclared support of Iran, US succeeded in getting revenge from former Soviet Union and later on toppling and shamefully assassinating its allies of so-called Cold War, Col. Gaddafi of Libya and Saddam Hussain of Iraq.

Amidst US continue aggression against Bashar Ul Asad in Syria, opening a new front on the door of Central Asia in northern Afghanistan is not meaningless. Some of the Central Asian Republics are earlier suppressed by US but some of them are reluctant to bow heads before Washington. And the Kundoz unrest seems a step towards that. In recent past, some of the Arab countries including Iran had backed BUS led allies action against Saddam Hussain in Iraq or become mum. But after Saddam Hussain, similar actions taken against Col Gaddafi in Libya, Husni Mubarak in Egypt and now Bashar Ul Asad is on a resistance move.

In fact, earlier the slipping of militants sheltering and harbouring in Pakistan controlled tribal areas towards Afghanistan’s border regions started when Pakistani authorities’ dialogues with TTP commander Hakim Ullah Mahsud failed in last quarter of 2013. Hakim Ullah Mahsud along with several others killed in a US drone attack on November 1st, 2013 when he allowed his team for a deal. Assassination of Ahmad Shah Mahsud followed by internal rifts amongst militants and Pakistan announced launching of what its rulers and generals claims ‘decisive military action’ in North Waziristan, the main hub of militants. But before launching of the so-called decisive military action, almost local, regional and foreign militants have been provided a chance to flee. Some of them in return of payment in dollars, landed in Middle East for contributing in war against Bashar Ul Asad and some of them slipped into neighbouring Afghanistan.

Now when US led allies are facing failure in toppling of Bashar Ul Asad in Syria, therefore, it not only for meeting its nefarious strategic and economic designs in South and Central Asia but also for the survival of confidential aides, let opening of a new front in Kundoz. Whatever might be the situation and circumstances but recent past has proved that militants are being harbored in Pakistan’s tribal region with directing financing and patron of Saudi led US’s Muslim allies. Certain circles in Pakistan under a well planned act, made public one and half year old death news of Mullah Omar when Murree talks generated rays and hopes regarding reconciliation in Afghanistan. Talks terminated at 11th hour, thus allowing militants to assemble not only in Kundoz but also in Nangarhar and several other regions just to compel the already weak government of Dr. Ashraf Ghani for bowing heads before US and its ally, especially Pakistan, which is engaged in a proxy war against India on the soil of Afghanistan since a long. Recent US bombing on hospital and civilians at Kundoz has multiplied worries of already war stricken Afghans.

Compare to 1979, 1992 and 2001, this time situation is hostile for US led allies in Afghanistan. Almost Afghans have realized their previous blunders and now they are well aware about motives behind imposed wars and hostilities. One could capture Afghanistan but they cannot maintain their invasion over this country. Instead of paving the ways for a new era of bloodshed and hostilities, US led allies must realize importance of peace and stability in Afghanistan. Fuelling war flames and hostilities in Afghanistan, this time could affect the whole region in general and world in particular. Arab world has already been made disappointed by US with reshaping its own made Arab Mujahideen or Al Qaeda into Islamic State or Dae’sh. At the moment, Afghans moving towards unity and they are burying their past ideological and religious rifts just for their survival.

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