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Kunduz governor threatens to resign if demands not met

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KABUL: Kunduz Governor, Omar Safi, termed the presence of illegal gunmen a bigger challenge than the Taliban.

While talking to a gathering, Safi said that he will resign from his position till end of this solar month, if his demands were not met by the central government. He urged the government to restrain some officials from interference in affairs of the province. He alleged that some officials in the central government support district chiefs and police chiefs in the province.

“If the government did not take my suggestions into consideration till end of this month, then I will resign from my position. Around 100 policemen and civil servants should be replaced within coming 21 days,” he said.

He said that illegal armed groups are involved in mounting insecurity in the province. “Illegal gunmen in some districts collect extortion money from local people. However, local officials are reluctant to stop them,” he went on as saying.

He said that it is hard to differentiate friend from foe in the province. “In my point of view the real threat to the government in Kunduz province are not the Taliban, but those who by exploiting government’s facilities help the Taliban to kill Afghans,” Safi added.

He said that illegal armed groups in the province receive support from Jihadi leaders and government officials to mount insecurity in the province.

“Police have distributed some 450 Kalashnikovs to illegal armed groups. Police and National Directorate of Security (NDS) in the province have supplied a huge quantity of weapons to illegal gunmen, who are hell-bent on kidnapping our children and killing our influential figures,” Safi maintained.

An official in Kunduz NDS on condition of anonymity rejected the governor’s claims and said that the directorate hasn’t supplied any weapons to illegal armed groups.

Sayed Sarwar Husaini, spokesman for Kunduz police, told Azadi Radio that police haven’t distributed weapons to illegal gunmen in the province.

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