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Kunduz strikes: Civil society demand impartial probe in civilian casualties

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Afghanistan Civil Society Organizations’ Network (ACSON) on Tuesday strongly condemned the killing of innocent civilians in northern Kunduz province during the US air strike, calling on the government to probe the case through impartial delegation and bring the perpetrators to justice.

The bombardment was said targeted Taliban in Boze Kandahari area of Kunduz on 3rd of November, which caused the death of 32 civilians including children and women and injuries of 25 others.

Civil activists termed “mismanagement of government” as one of the main factors behind mounting of civilian casualties, asking the authorities to step up security for civilians in order to prevent civilian casualties during conflicts.

“The new impartial delegation with the presence of UNAMA, Human Rights and people’s representatives should be assigned to investigate civilians’ killing in northern Kunduz province,” said Civil Activist Najibullah Jamay.

He said those found guilty, must be brought to justice.

“The delegation is related to government officials,” he claimed.

Pointing to singing of Bilateral Security Pact (BSA) with the US, Jamay said that security pact was signed to bring peace and stability in Afghanistan, but unfortunately, inverse to expectation day by day insecurity as well as civilian casualties increased throughout the country.

He said that the BSA must be put to a referendum nationwide to assess its benefits. “If it was not useful, must be announced invalid.”

Ahmad Zaki, another activist, said that lack of coordination between security forces and wrong intelligence reports lead to civilian casualties in the country.

“There is no doubt that Taliban are enemies of Afghan people and intentionally use civilians as shield, but it is government’s responsibility to defend and protect people and their assets in the country,” he asserted.

“If the regulation and the law of war are followed by involved conflict parties, civilian casualties would be reduced.”

Calling on president and CEO of National Unity Government, he said that people’s patience would be over if the situation was not brought under control.

Another Civil Activist Sayed Naser Musawi said that “under any pretext, civilian killing is not justifiable.”

He said that the case must be probed and the victims should be paid compensation.

Civil activists ask for the probe of civilian killings in Kunduz by an impartial delegation at a time when the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) on Monday said that it is currently investigating allegations that at least 32 civilians were killed and a further 19 injured in air strikes in Kunduz city.

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