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Lamented the mess of mess

Traders lament there are too many factors to have stunted the development of national economy. But they count growing insecurity, political instability, foreign troop drawdown, and on top of that government’s dejecting attitude, are some of the major ones. Since they have chided the government, what it should do. Go into hibernation? Come up with a counter-narrative? Respond with denials? Or use some buttering words to charm the traders and businessmen? Or should it shrug off its shoulders and decide in a determined way that it must save the sinking ship of the national economy? Then again what it should do? Should spread its palms before the international community to save the decline of economy? Entice foreign investment or check the capital flight? Initiate micro-financing programs, encourage SMEs, prod women to be market and job oriented? Oh, fixing the economy is not that much simple. It’s really much troublesome issue that requires both leaders of the national unity government to be on the same page, to bury their hatchets, put their heads together, decide what’s more important. But alas! This is not happening. They talk something else and do something else. With such a practice, will they save this sinking ship? Ego is important or national interests are sacred? Personal gains are important or national benefits?  Feeding the fed is important to feeding the hungry? Though, the development of economy and the progress of businesses and trade activities primarily are linked to production capacity, second to security, third to consumption, and fourth to roads infrastructure. When there is no production capacity the society is left with no option but to be a consumer society. And yes we are. Who is benefitted? Traders and businessmen are, but the true capital goes to the manufacturers. Again when there is no security who is suffered? All citizens suffer, but business class the most, because they are being kidnapped. They don’t take the risk for domestic investment. They try to take their wealth out from here and invest it somewhere in a country which doesn’t face security problems. Yes this happening in this country. Those who earned millions here in the booming war industry are now madly piping their wealth out from here. Why? Because wealth is more important. Patriotism they like only to the extent of songs and national parades. Beyond that they don’t see any good in it. On top of that there is an outnumbering legion of ministries, deputies, sub-deputies and so on. What for? Does this nation really need such a larger crowed? A crowed is but a large number of people gathered together in a disorganized way but here the crowed of ministries and deputies and advisors look disorganized, but try it is not. They all are well-organized but for eating away the national wealth, belching in public to show their power and status. With such manifestations will the fate of the common man ever change? And if it doesn’t change what happens? We see it, feel it in our inner bones, but don’t give it a damn. If someone is being killed it doesn’t pain until someone from our own is killed. If someone’s house is reduced to rubbles, it doesn’t matter until our own is safe.

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