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Landmark hotel owes $168m to Afghan govt.

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KABUL: The ministry of information and culture says that an international five star hotel in Kabul owes them 168 million dollars.

The Kabul Serena luxury hotel in the heart of the city is a government property. The Aga Khan Foundation rented the hotel in early 2000s.

Now the ministry of culture says a delegation was appointed to speak with the hotel runners about the unpaid debt.

Taher Zohair, acting culture minister on Wednesday called on the hotel runners to pay the debts.

Zabih Ehsan, head of hotels organization, said that the Kabul Serena hotel’s debts go back to 2010 and is totally 168 million dollars.

“The Kabul Serena hotel was rented to its current owner after reconstruction and renovation in 2005 for 30 years. Under the contract, the landholder would not pay from 2005 to 2010. But it is owed 168 million since 2016,” the ministry of culture said in a statement.

Sefatullah Waziri, an accountant in the Kabul Serena hotel says that they have paid 32 million to ministry of culture and owe 100 million dollars.

He claimed that the hotel was exempt from taxes for 10 years, but ministry of culture got 416,000 dollars.

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