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Lapis Lazuli corridor a gateway to Asia, Europe

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KABUL: Ministry of higher education held a scientific conversation on the Lapis Lazuli route and its impacts on Afghanistan and its economic growth, in which speakers called it a strategic project as it links Afghanistan to regional countries and facilitates economic development.

“We are ready to hold scientific conversations on important matters like the Lazuli Way and their impacts on security and economy in Afghanistan and the region. Lecturers in different universities can analyze the importance of Lazuli Way scientifically and academically,” higher education minister Najibullah Khaja Omari addressed the conversation held Monday at the Kabul University.

He promised to launch researches over the Lazuli Way and other historical projects.

Kabul University Chancellor, Hamidullah Farooqi said that economic projects such as the Lazuli Way aim to help Afghanistan resolve its economic problems.

The Lazuli Way that was used some 2,000 years ago in exporting Badakhshan’s lazuli to Europe, was reopened recently by President Ghani. Trucks carry Afghan businessmen’s merchandises to Europe via the 2,800 kilometer long way that passes Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey.

The first convoy departed in December and was back home after two months, carrying solar batteries and medicines.

“Turkey supports every effort that links Afghanistan to the region and its economic growth. Turkey plays important role on the Lazuli Way and Turkish embassy to Kabul increases focus on commercial ties with Afghanistan,” Turkish Ambassador to Kabul said.

Afghanistan has reopened its Lapis Lazuli trade corridor, a part of the ancient Silk Route, which will once again connect the country to Central Asia, Europe and even China through its BRI project. The new corridor includes roads, railway and maritime routes that run from Afghanistan to Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Georgia before crossing the Black Sea to Turkey and eventually Europe.

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