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Lasting peace impossible without regional cooperation: HPC

KABUL: The High Peace council emphasizes on the cooperation of regional countries to reach a durable peace in Afghanistan, saying sustainable peace would be impossible without their help.

Deputy Chief of the council, Hajji Din Mohammad said Wednesday that Afghanistan should be a cooperation point between the United States and Russia as super powers and regional states should also play positive roles in the framework of a real consensus.

“I believe that peace in Afghanistan will not be sustainable without a regional consensus and without the help of regional countries. Peace will be durable only when Afghanistan is separated from the super powers’ competitions and turns to a cooperation point. Only then, we will be hopeful for a sustainable peace,” said Mohammad.

Some US news outlets have recently said that Afghan peace needs a new regional consensus, with the National Interest writing that the Afghan war had insider and outsider complicated dimensions and all dimensions should be observed.

The magazine added that though Taliban were not willing to hold face to face talks with the government, but they were not able to capture Kabul through military. It claimed that the interests of countries involved in the Afghan war are in its stability, so the United Nations Security Council should pave the ground for the interests of the United States, Russia and China.

“Reaching peace in Afghanistan needs the support of international community particularly the great countries and it also needs the support of the regional countries that have political and cultural presence here. Otherwise, if any side is incomplete, I think peace will not be ensured,” said Abdul Latif Nazari, analyst for international relations.

Russia has announced it would hold a conference on the Afghan peace by the end of October with representatives from Afghanistan, the US, Taliban and regional countries be invited.

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