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Late Mullah Umar spent times outside of Afghanistan: CEO

KABUL: Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abdullah Abdullah on Monday said the death of Taliban’s supreme leader Mullah Mohammad Umar had provided an opportunity for Taliban to join the reconciliation process.

Presided over a meeting of the council of ministers, the CEO said following the demise of Mullah Umar the peace talks had been delayed.

The late reclusive Taliban leader spent times outside of Afghanistan after the collapse of their regime back in 2001, he said, adding he never returned to Afghanistan.

Earlier, Taliban confirmed the death of their leader but did not say when or where he died. The statement says “his [Mullah Omar’s] health condition deteriorated in the last two weeks” and “not for a single day did he go to Pakistan”.

Afghan government was fully aware of the fact that who led insurgency in Afghanistan after the death of Mullah Umar and who headed the peace talks on the behalf of the group in the last two years, he remarked.

He said the government was committed to continue with the peace process and would not compromise on territorial integrity of Afghanistan.

He informed the cabinet members about the health of the president and said his leg surgery was successful and would return to the country soon. (PAN)

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