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‘Law to register officials’ properties approved’

AT News Report-KABUL: The Wolesi Jirga (Lower House) of Parliament on Monday with a majority vote approved the presidential decree over the law to registering all governmental officials’ properties.

Although numbers of the parliamentarian were disagree for approval of this law and they believed that in the 154 article of the constitution mentioned that president, his vices, Ministers, Member of the Supreme Court General Attorney, members of electoral bodies and other high governmental officials must register their properties before start of the work in a governmental post and after leaving the post.

Scores of parliamentarian said that in the mentioned article lawmakers were exception of the registering of properties, but in this legislative decree and law parliamentarian also must register properties.

“The president 154 legislative decree regarding law of registration of all officials’ properties was approved with the majariaty vote,” said Speaker of the Wolesi Jirga Abul Rauf Ibrahimi.

Lawmaker Mohammad Saleh Saljooqi said that approval of this law will avoid officials from misusing their authorities and increasing of their properties illegally.

He said that all high ranking governmental officials including president, his vices, advisors, cabinet ministers, governors, chief districts, member of high supreme courts, head of independent organs, lawmakers must follow the rule and register their properties.

He said that this law will help us to follow a good system and strengthen reformation, thus it is required of all legislators to support this law.

Member of Parliament Ramazan Bashardost said that not only lawmakers, but also Jihadi leaders must register their properties.

Criticizing those mates had negative view about the law; he said that we should not escape from the law.

Female lawmaker Humaira Ayobi said that legislators have no any difference from governmental officials, so they also must register their properties.

She said that some member of parliament were coming in rental Taxi to parliament, while started working as representatives, but after passing years, they are owner of building, so it must be clear that all these properties were through legal or illegal ways.

It is pertained to mention that corruption and misusing authority by governmental officials is one of the most challenges for Afghan people and the main factor behind ramp up insecurity and weak economic condition in the country.  So registering of property can be a great step to get rid of all these challenges, but need guaranty to seriously put on practices.

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