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Lawmaker rejects peace without religious freedoms

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KABUL: A member of parliament rejected rumors that Taliban negotiators want a sole religious jurisprudence be official.

Dr. Sayed Abdul Qayyoum Sajjadi, said Saturday that the peace without civil, social and religious freedoms would not last long.According to unconfirmed reports, Taliban are emphasizing on the Hanafi (Sunni) jurisprudence be official in the next government.

Currently, both Shiite and Sunni (Jaafari and Hanafi) are official jurisprudents in Afghanistan. Shiite Muslims make up almost 20 per cent of Afghanistan’s population.
Reports say that human rights and religious values remain as differences in the peace talks that have been matter of concerns for some politicians.
Mohammad Mohaqeq, leader of Islamic Union Party of Afghanistan, said Friday that the people of Afghanistan have reached a stage to accept and recognize tribal, ethnic, lingual and religious identities of each other and that there was no reason to count these issues from zero during the peace talks.
 “We recognized each other. We accepted the ethnic groups, languages and religions in the constitution. So, we don’t need to recount them.”
“We hope that the beginning of peace talks result the end of war and ensuring of peace,” Sajjadi said.

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