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Lawmakers attack Ghani, accuse him of deceit

AT-KABUL: A few representatives of people in the Parliament on Monday expressed worry over what they described as President Ashraf Ghani’s deceitful actions which “run against the country’s national interests”.

Referring to the president’s recent decisions as caustic, they said Ghani is being more malevolent and destructive than terrorists.

MP Jafar Mahdavi representing Kabul province said the government is harming the national interests of Afghanistan and its people worse than Taliban and Daesh.

Aref Rahmani, a representative of Ghazni province, said the government is under the influence of regional intelligence agencies and is advertently ceding the country to the Taliban under the pretext of peace and ceasefire.

First Deputy Speaker of the House Hamayoun Hamayoun accused the president of deceiving the nation with lies.

Referring to the report of Presidential guards’ raid on the office of Ali Ahmad Osmani, the Water and Energy Minister, MP Hamayoun claimed that security organs are denying accepting illegal ordersby President Ashraf Ghani, so the President is executing his demands through his personal guards.

“The President is executing his illegal demands through the PPS,” MP Hamayoun said. “I’m warning the President that if he keeps continuing the same method, in the near future, I will use my personal guards as well.”

Meanwhile, Speaker of the Lower House of Parliament Abdul Rauf Ibrahimisaid that the government should take practicalsteps to stabilize the country. “It is seventeen years that we are fighting inside Afghanistan, but the winner and the losers are unknown,” Ibrahimi asserted.

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