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Lawmakers blame Afghan warring parties for ‘sabotaging peace’

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KABUL: The lawmakers on Wednesday session accused the Afghan warring parties of sabotaging the peace process with making “extra excuses” to attend the peace negotiations.

They said that the government officials sought to remain in power and work for their personal interest, “not peace”.

They said that the world’s Ulema declared the Afghan war illegal and in contrast with the Islamic regulation but the group still sought military victory. In reaction to the Taliban’s stance regarding the Istanbul conference, the lawmakers said that the militants didn’t want to move forward to reconcile and ensure peace in the country.

According to them, the group have been taking actions based its supporter countries’ interests.The members of the parliament suggested that Afghan government was paying efforts to remain in power, calling on it to form a political consensus to overcome the ongoing chaos in the country.

Earlier, Hafiz Masnour, a member of the Afghan negotiating team also said that the Taliban sought military victory and that the group lacked intention for peace.

This comes as the Taliban have recently put preconditions for attending the Istanbul Conference. The top Taliban officials quoted by the VOA say that the group would not discuss ceasefire in the Istanbul Conference. Earlier, chairman of the high council for national reconciliation, Abdullah Abdullah said that the Taliban have no more excuse to continue war as the international forces are exiting Afghanistan.  

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