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Lawmakers criticize fall of ‘constellation of districts’

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KABUL: Lawmakers in the Parliament have criticized the government for the fall of a constellation of district centers to the Taliban across Afghanistan, calling it ‘suspicious’.

Referring to the US-Afghanistan security pact, a number of lawmakers on Monday said that the US withdrawal from Afghanistan was “irresponsible”. They questioned the fall of districts and the surrender of security forces without resistance to the Taliban.

A lawmaker from Ghazni, Abdul Qayyum Sajjadi, said, “The serious question is whether the government has a plan. If its security policy is to retreat from districts and hand them over to the enemy, all Afghan should know it to prevent from further bloodshed”.

Helmand MP Mohammad Karim Atal, among others, added: “The United States signed a security pact with the current government in Afghanistan on the third day. There were many issues in which the United States should have cooperated with Afghanistan in providing security to protect the system and government, but they “They did not commit to that security pact.”

Also, Belqis Roshan, a representative of Farah in the parliament, criticized, saying: at least remember the same security contract, see what happened? where is it? Where are the ones you crave so much for? “Today they say no, this homeland is nothing, but the people of Afghanistan are the first and last way to defend their homeland.”

Some, such as Fatima Kohistani, a representative of Ghor, linked the fall of the districts to the unjust division of the military apparatus.

Earlier, the United States had said it would continue to cooperate and support the Afghan security and defense forces after leaving Afghanistan and would maintain its diplomatic presence in the country.

Meanwhile, Fouad Aman, the deputy spokesman for the Ministry of Defense, did not give a clear answer to these concerns and criticisms, but said that the situation would improve.

Aman added: “Our forces are working tirelessly and tirelessly around the clock, fighting to protect the people of Afghanistan, and the situation that has arisen will not continue like this. “She is recovering well.”

This is as local sources have said the number of Taliban-controlled districts in Badakhshan has recently reached 25, with only two more in government hands and most of these districts had been captured by the Taliban without facing resistance from security forces.

Government previously said they had “tactically retreated” from the districts to avoid civilian casualties.

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