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Lawmakers reject president’s decree on electoral reform

By Akhtar M. Nikzad-KABUL:  The lawmakers on Saturday refused to approve presidential decree on the electoral reforms.

The decree was sent to the parliament three times, but was rejected.

The government vowed to hold parliamentary election soon after the decree was approved in the parliament.

Some of the lawmakers opposed conducting parliamentary and district council election, claiming that the situation was not suitable.

They termed mounting insecurity, existence of old voting cards, lack of electronic identity card and delay in reforms in the electoral commissions as the major challenges before parliamentary and district council polls in the country.

“It is the government’s responsibility to hold parliamentary election, but in the current situation, the government is unable to manage polls in the country,” MP Abdul Rahim Ayubi said.

So far, security is crucial in many districts, where passengers are kidnapped and killed. Conflict is going on in different provinces,” he said.

He claimed that presidential decree divided contribution of commissioners between president Ghani and chief executive Abdullah Abdullah.

“The decree shows the next polls ensure the interests of both political leaders and the next lawmakers would come based on political dealing,” Ayubi asserted.

“I don’t want to give positive vote for this decree because it doesn’t ensure transparency of the election but pave the ground for political dealing in the upcoming poll,” he asserted.

Another member of the parliament Abdul Rahman Rahmani said that the decree should be rejected because it never ensures transparency of the next election.

He asserted that the government would be unable to hold overall and transparent election in the country, if this decree is approved.

Some lawmakers insisted over approval of presidential decree and termed it a significant measure for electoral reforms.

“If you want reforms in the electoral commission please approve the presidential decree and it is responsibility of government to ensure transparence of the next election,” said MP, Zahir Sadat.

Parliament speaker Abdul Raouf Ibrahimi ordered to the justice and litigation commission to put the decree for discussion among other commissions and bring it with majority positive viewpoints to the command session.

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