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Lawmakers step up push for BSA revision

AT News Report-KABUL: Lawmakers on Saturday kept up their push for the Ghani administration to revise the Bilateral Security Agreement with the U.S. which they describe as a futile pact that failed to ensure security in Afghanistan.

The BSA has exacerbated unrest, insecurity, and economic challenges and needs to be revised, said Mawlawi Mohaid Member of the Wolesi Jirga.

“Every day, tens of people are massacred, tens of houses are destroyed and tens of people flee the country; is this the outcome of the BSA?” he said.

Lawmaker SadiqiZadaNili said that the cost, which Afghanistan has earned for signing of BSA with US is nothing and imbalanced.

He said that by signing of BSA Afghanistan changed as national, region and international competition ground, secondly US forces target its enemy under the pretext of protecting Washington and third the US forces established military bases in Afghanistan to continue to its region and international competition from here.

Afghan government only earning $5 billion instead of all privileges has given to the USA under the frame of BSA, he noted.

He said that insurgents using the BSA as pretext and continuing conflict every hook and even this security pact help Taliban to recruit soldiers in rural areas simply because some people in remote area has the believe that the presence of foreigners is a kind of occupying in the country.

Considering all issues the cost which USA giving to Afghan government under the frame of BSA is nothing, so if USA struggle to protect Washington from here then it must pay a cost to be in balance.

Another Legislator General Naqibullah said that still Afghan forces don’t have access to modern heavy and light weapons to fight the enemy, thus presence of US forces is useless in the country.

He said that BSA must be revised otherwise US forces presence is for their own benefit not for Afghanistan advantage.

The demand by MPs comes in a while that last week prominent Jihadi and political leaders in a meeting to discuss the ongoing political and security situation of the country, called on government to revise the BSA, because other party of the agreement- the United States- has failed to deliver on its commitment, it made in the agreement with the Afghan people and government.

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