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Lawyers want serious probe over govt. allegations

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KABUL: Some lawyers suggest serious probe of allegations against presidential office, rejecting what they say “dual game”.

Kabir Ranjbar, one of the lawyers said Wednesday that allegations made by a number of politicians against the President Ghani administration need serious probes.

“This is injustice against government and people, those who make this big allegations and accusations for example; a parliamentarian accuses government of treason. These all need to be probed,” Ranjbar said.

Meanwhile, Wadir Safi, a university lecturer said that not only an allegation made by Habibollah Ahmadzai, but all the ones made by politicians against the government, should be investigated. “Because these allegations put impacts on the society and is followed by backlashes.”

Ahmadzai, a former adviser to President Ghani claimed recently that women appointed in senior positions are demanded for sex by officials in the presidential palace.

President Ghani’s spokesman, rejected the accusation, and the Attorney General Office asked Ahmadzai for details about the allegations. Earlier, Zaher Qadir, a former member of parliament had accused the government of supporting Daesh terrorist group.

Presidential candidate, Hakim Torsan has also accuses First Lady Rula Ghani of evangelism inside the palace.

Lawyers say that only Ahmadzai’s allegations were under investigation.

President Gahni’s Spokesman, Shah Hossein Mortazavi said allegations made in the past were not taken serious for considering political competitions. He said that Ahmadzai had directly accused the president’s office and has to prove.

“The allegations like poor governance are political words. Sometimes people or media criticize and it is not possible to complain, but Ahmadzai needs to share evidences because he has certainly accused,” said Mortazavi.

The Attorney General Office says that Ahmadzai was twice summoned for providing evidences, but has not provided.

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