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Leaders distracted in power tussle as lethal insurgents unleash terror

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KABUL: No tangible result has emerged from the seemingly counterproductive negotiations between the challenged president and his dissenting opponent to clamber out of the tough political ditch and end the longstanding polarization.

This fiasco of the leadership obstinacy and distraction has conceivably led to the resurgence of the Taliban and terrorist groups of the kind. Afghanistan has become prodigiously more dangerous and unsafe than early 2010s and the insurgency has grown equally more dangerous.

Nevertheless, Ghani and Abdullah have been in a bitter feud over sharing power for more than half a year that would not allow for a heavy metal counter-Taliban battle much less a robust diplomacy and foreign policy. Their desperate bid to reach a political settlement and a broker a power-sharing deal which was floated recently proved futile.

Prominent politicians had also come forth to mediate between the feuding leaders to end their wrangling and reach a consensus, but of no avail.

“The president has the right of high-level appointments. But as he delays it, he depicts how mentally unprepared he is to assume himself the legitimate president who won an election,” said university lecturer Arash Shahirpour.

A thick cloud of public distrust in the government has also formed to bedevil the legitimacy of the government. Unabated war, abject poverty, rampant joblessness, economic stagnation and COVID-19 disease are wringing millions of Afghans. The ‘despicable’ political bickering is a salt in their wounds.

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