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Legacy of Tetsu Nakamura Lives On as Nangarhar Residents Urge Resumption of Projects

AT Kabul: Four years after the tragic killing of Tetsu Nakamura, the esteemed Japanese aid worker, residents of Nangarhar province in eastern Afghanistan are calling for the continuation of Nakamura’s half-finished water projects that have had a significant impact on local communities.

Faridullah Atif, who collaborated with Nakamura for three years, described him as a unique role model who dedicated himself to effective work and helping the people. “In his humanity, he had a special love for the Afghans, and his favorite topic was talking about the Kunar River; he did not talk much, but he worked a lot,” said Faridullah.

Residents of Nangarhar emphasized Nakamura’s greatest wish, which was the utilization of the Kunar River. They highlighted that he had successfully completed several projects in this regard. Shahidullah Hakak, a social activist, urged the current government to support individuals with a similar mindset to Nakamura or his family members to continue and complete the aid worker’s unfinished projects.

“The Marwarid canal and its workers in Khewa and Kama districts are used by thousands of Afghans,” mentioned Shahid Mahmood Miakhil, a resident of Nangarhar, underscoring the practical impact of Nakamura’s initiatives.

Local officials in Nangarhar expressed their commitment to completing Nakamura’s unfinished projects by the next year. Qureshi Badlon, an official of the Department of Information and Culture in Nangarhar, stated, “We hope and expect that these projects will be completed in 2024.”

Tetsu Nakamura, an honorary citizen of Afghanistan, was assassinated four years ago on December 4th, 2019, in Jalalabad city. His legacy of service and dedication to improving the lives of Afghans lives on, as the community rallies for the fulfillment of his unfinished projects.

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