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Let’s be constructive critic

A new political party announced formation in the weekend. The party called ‘National Front of New Afghanistan’, led by former finance minister Anwarul Haq Ahadi, is said to be the opposition party aimed to change the government.

The party is said to be a coalition of six political parties with political and civil activists, former government officials and senators as members.

Nearly one month ago, another party with the name of ‘Council of Protection and Stability in Afghanistan’ emerged with members mostly from former jihadi leaders.

Anwarul Ahadi severely criticized the government and accused it of insufficiency in his inauguration speech in Kabul. He also claimed that the administration is called as National Unity Government, but lack eligibility. He alleged that the government failed to do well for the country and people. Ahadi asked for a fresh presidential election.

If we want to count, the number of the problems and challenges could soar up to thousands and the government has failed to meet. Everybody has the right to criticize the government and as an experienced politician Mr. Ahadi knows the problems inside the government more than the ordinary people.

But let’s think what we can do to rescue the country from the existing critical situation. Active presence of one or more political oppositions is good and even necessary in a democratic country. The prematurely presidential election does not cure any pain. This is clear that a government is considered better than its successor in Afghanistan and this is unlike the rest of the world. The previous government was regularly criticized. Now the previous government is commended for its gains.

Mr. Ahadi played a key role in the 2014 presidential election, supporting one of the two teams that went to the second round. Security is a problem that Afghan government could not overcome in the past 13 years. This was part of the problems during the last elections.

We have still the parliamentary elections suspending. The election which was expected to be held last April is yet to be done due to several issues. The political opposition parties play a positive and constructive role beside the governments. These organizations are called as ‘the shadow government’ in democratic countries.

The political oppositions are and should be the best advisers to the governments because they disclose and publicize the governments’ inattentions. They make efforts to decrease the problems. Let’s help the government to solve the existing problems. We can help it through reform programs. The government shall address all the outstanding challenges; otherwise, the opposition would continue to call for early elections. Afghans want change. The sooner they see change is better.

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