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Local police casualties decrease by 40 percent

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: The number of Local Police casualties fell this year by 40 percent, Ministry of Interior said on Saturday.

“Although war was not decreased, but the local police casualties declined in the past four months of current year, said an interior ministry official Salem Ehsas.

“The casualties of the local police fell from 403 to 295 in four months of this year,” Ehsas said.

He called good armament, training programs and good support from the army and police as main reasons behind the reduction of the casualties.

Ehsas said an authorized delegation assessed local police’s condition three times across the country and gained good results from the process.

He said that the assessment demonstrated that 94 percent of local police were present nationwide and rumors about ghost officers were baseless.

Head of Local Police Alishah Ahmadzai said that the police were cleared from interferences of the local influential figures and 1,110 officers were dismissed due to under effect of influential figures.

Those officers fired from the police were not following rules and regulations, he added.

Considering the UN concern regarding the presence of underage people in the Local Police, Ministry of Interior brought reforms and currently, there are no underage people in the local police, he claimed.

Ahmadzai highlighted that 108 officers were fired and introduced to judicial organs due to breaching of humanitarian law.

30,000 people are serving in the Local Police in 179 districts in 30 provinces. Bamyan, Panjshir, Khost and Nimroz are the provinces where the local police have no presence.

The local police was formed in 2010 with the aim of boosting up security in the areas where the national police do not have access.

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