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Local radio station chief assaulted in Baghlan

AT News Report

KABUL: Sima Nawrozi, head of a local radio station in northern Baghlan province, on Tuesday alleged that she and her family have been beaten up by an official of the provincial municipality.

Nawrozi claimed an official of the municipality physically assaulted her and two other members of her family on Monday evening.

Nawrozi told NAI, a media advocacy group, that “We broadcasted a piece regarding the Afghanistan Independence Centenary Celebration which also hinted at misuse of authority by a municipality official, Shir Agha, who later came to my house and beat me, my mom and brother.”

She said the official has threatened her and her family to death.

Meanwhile, the media watchdog in a statement called on the Minister of Interior to arrest the perpetrator of the gratuitous act of violence at the earliest possble and launch serious investigations into the event.

However, NAI accused the government of not paying attention to the journalists’ safety and rights.

Afghanistan is one of the most unsafe countries for journalists. Earlier this month, Nadershah Sahibzada, an anchor for a private local radio station in southern Paktia province, was killed in the provincial capital, Gardez city.

Furthermore, On July 14, the Taliban militants forced a radio station in central Ghazni province through numerous threats to halt airing due to their objection to women being employed there.

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