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Logical steps can solve problems, not head-long decisions

Elimination of terrorist camps in Pakistan is the solution rather to closedown crossings or shelling rockets

AT-KABUL: Ministry of Border and Tribal Affairs (MoBTA) on Tuesday expressed “deepest concern” over harassment of Afghans and Pashtoons and closing the cross points, saying that that logical steps is required by Pakistan to bring stability in the region.

“In order to bring stability in the whole region closing Turkham cross point, shelling missile on Afghanistan border areas and harassment of   Afghans and Pashtons by Pakistan police are not the logical ways,” said acting minister, Ghafor Liwal.

He said that terrorist sanctuaries inside Pakistan must be closed and eliminated in order to reach peace and stability in the region.

He stated that Pakistan shelling missile on Nangarhar and Kunar districts the border areas of Afghanistan, which is sign of clear violation.

Pakistan police also exert utmost efforts to harass Afghan and Pashtoon people along with Durand Line in Khaybar Agency, Balochistan and Panjab, he added.

Pointing to closing of Turkham cross point, he said that Afghanistan as a landlocked country has the right to have access to ocean for its transit trade.

He said that Afghan government is struggling to solve the issue through diplomatic channels, if this process failed then all means will be used to solve the issue.

Hinting to the occupation of areas along the other side of Durand line by Pakistani militant, he said that we have under monitor all movement in the area and shared it with the government of Afghanistan.

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