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Loya Jirga members say “bloodshed” must end in Afghanistan

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KABUL: The members of the Loya Jirga for Peace have suggested the government of Afghanistan to release 400 Taliban prisoners in order to pave way for peace talks aimed at ending the decades of war.   

The Consultative Loya Jirga for peace was attended by 3,400 participants, who issued a declaration which has 25-article on Sunday after three days of consultations. Here is the complete resolution.

The Loya Jirga members welcome and support the peace process to achieve an enduring and dignified peace that will result in security and stability in the country.

The Jirga confirms the release of 400 prisoners demanded by the Taliban in order to remove obstacles to the start of the peace negotiations, stopping bloodshed and observing public interests and good.

If there are foreign nationals among these prisoners, it is necessary they are handed to their respective counties by securing credible guarantee from them.

It (should) be ensured that in case of (upon) the release of these prisoners, direct negotiations start immediately without any excuse.

The Jirga seriously call for immediate and continued ceasefire in the country and call on the international community especially the US to deliver on their commitments to the people of Afghanistan in this regard.

The people and government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan be ensured that the prisoners who are released do not return to war fronts and their activities are monitored.

As the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan take steps towards releasing the Taliban prisoners, the Jirga calls on the Taliban to free all government’s civilian and military prisoners and early conclude their commitment in regards.

Haqul Abdi (Rights of victim) of those who released by the Taliban and victimized must be saved if demanded.

We want from the International Communities to prevent the interference of the foreigner countries that are directly and indirectly engaged in destabilization of Afghanistan or also support the terrorist groups.

While, the peace efforts are continuing, the members of the Jirga call on the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Taliban to halt violence and resolve the dispute throughout negotiations. The Afghan nations would make a decisive decision if any side emphasize on continuation of violence.

In the peace process, the Islamic values, role of Ulemas, government’s fundamental basic, democracy and the achievements gained during past two decades should be preserved.

In the peace process, democracy, Republic principals, and civil rights of the citizens of the country especially the ethnic and religious minorities should not be affected, which is based in the constitution with further clarification.

The participants of the Loya Jirga emphasized that as women contribute 50 percent of the nations in Afghanistan, they should be given political rights and should be included all parts of the peace efforts.

Members of the Consultative Loya Jirga believe that national constitution is a national document that should be maintained but the constitution is modifiable in itself with the estimated mechanism.    

Members of the Loya Jirga offer that the High Council for National Reconciliation should be formed of national influential, political leaders, Ulema, tribal elders, women, civil rights activists, youths and various aspects of the society. For further inclusion of people in the peace process, the peace process should be stretch out to the provinces.

The Jirga stresses on the transparency of the peace process and expects the High Council for National Reconciliation and negotiation team to provide information to the people of Afghanistan about the development in the process on timely basis.

Security and defense forces of the country as the guardians of the national sovereignty and territorial integrity should be supported and strengthened. Meanwhile, the heirs of martyrs of the security institutions and victims of terrorist incidents are better addressed.

The Jirga that in the course of negotiation with the Taliban understanding be reached on a clear mechanism that brings about social order, security of installations and infrastructure and stability in the country so that the people’s concerns are dispelled. 

In order to pay tribute to the country’s security and defense forces which are the pride of the people, it is recommended that the government about pardoning the remaining imprisonment period of these personnel of the country’s security and defense forces (convicted) of crimes (whose pardoning) under the authority of the President, except for the crime of treason to the country, be pardoned. In addition, those who have been convinced only on charge of relation with the Taliban be included into the decree on pardoning.

The government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is obliged to present specific guidance in the light of national interest and take necessary actions to further improve and strgthen the negotiation team and women’s presence in all phases of the peace process be strengthened.

The Jirga emphasizes that  necessary conditions for negotiations of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan with the Taliban be provided inside the country because both sides are the citizens of the country, otherwise they (the negotiations should be) are held in a third impartial country. The negotiations should be continuous and should not be stopped for any reasons.

The Jirga members are grateful for the cooperation and support of the international community especially the US. In the meantime, the Jirga members call on the international (community) countries and organizations to deliver on their commitments and continue their assistance and cooperation in the course of negotiations and after reaching peace agreement.

We request the Islamic countries and Islamic Cooperation Conference especially Afghanistan’s neighboring to help our people in achieving permanent peace and stability and fulfill their Islamic Deen (obligation/responsibility) towards the sacrifices of the Mujahiddin nation of Afghanistan.

The Loya Jirga members announce their full preparation for providing necessary consultation and cooperation during the peace process and the government (should) make optimal use of consultation and capacities of the Loya Jirga members for ensuring the continuation of peace discussion which is of its priorities.

Since the Jirga members have provided specific and detailed recommendations regarding different instances which are useful for the future actions by the government, these recommendations (should) be sent to the President as attachment so that relevant institution are instructed in this regards.

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