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Macabre slaughter in Khost

The harbingers of the death and destruction, mutilated ruthlessly 25 innocent civilians in Khost province on Sunday evening. Khost is one of those ill-fated provinces in the southeast where militant groups particularly those linked to the dreaded Haqqani Network are actively operating in its various districts. What could be the extreme of barbarism and terrorism when these vampire-terrorists let loose their suicide bombers on innocent civilians who are just the walking dead as they don’t have clean water for drinking, no electricity, no medicines, no doctors, no jobs, have already lost one or two members of their families, with broken economic spine, while killing them is no jihad, no purpose and no objective and no success and no liberation. By killing innocent people peace cannot thrive and goodwill will never spread. Those who explode themselves up in markets, masajid, schools, and public places are our own blood, but who provide them with bullets and bombs cannot be our friends. They are the real enemies of Afghanistan. The government must find the reasons that why our own blood has gone against us. Their concerns need to be addressed. This should be done for the sake of peace, for the sake of the nation. The entire nation knows and the world acknowledges that addressing their concerns is a challenging job, but now somehow the government has kicked off the process. Besides that the nations being affected by terrorism in a worst way ever must come together to fight them. The nations who created terrorism are the world leading nations. This is the cruelty of the time and the contemporary history. First they create terrorism, impose it upon us under different name tags and slogans and then come as messiahs. Who created the al-Qaeda or the OBL? And who created the Daesh? The problem is our deliberate ignorance and purposeful political differences. And this is where the terrorists take an edge over political leaders. Even if the terrorists are divided, but they are united in unleashing terror and even if our political leaders and the nations who clamor to fight terrorism and tend to be fighting terrorism, are divided. The victim of terrorism is the man in the street. His mind is being controlled by the states and its propaganda tools and he cannot think out of the box. This is the extreme of terrorism when the militants can take your father and brother in the dead of the night and kill them ruthlessly because they didn’t look like they were in an obeying frame of mind, or when you want to say something against the evil doings against the warlords, but they come and kill you and your relatives in front of your eyes. By now the war on terror must have been won, but the problem is the lack of cooperation and trust deficit among the so-called partners against terrorism. The US doesn’t trust Pakistan. Pakistan doesn’t trust the United State and Afghanistan doesn’t trust the both. And the result is terror is simmering. The allied forces will never defeat and win against someone who can shoot at you once and then run off and hide across the frontiers and if they carry out terror act, they run away and cross over the frontier into Afghanistan, while the security forces remain eternally on guard. There is no hot pursuit. Instead of remaining on guard, they must be chased, their terror networks and hideouts dismantled and destroyed. But it takes bold decisions and relying on one and other. Given the lack of regional cooperation, and the persistent trust deficit, terrorism will remain resolute and undefeated whereas we will lose civilians on daily basis.


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