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Major terror attacks in Kabul this year

suicide-attack-in-Helmand1About 15 people were killed and 45 others injured in a terrorist attack on a private American-run university in Kabul on Wednesday night. Seven students were among those killed while 36 college staff and students wounded in the suicide car bombing and ensuing gunfight, police said Thursday.

The following is the listing of major attacks in Kabul since January this year.

On Aug. 1, a truck bombing followed by shooting attack rocked North Gate, a foreign companies’ compound, in the eastern part of Kabul, killing one policeman and three militants and injuring three officers. The massive blast destroyed several buildings.

On July 29, a senior employee of Afghan parliament was killed, two people were injured and three cars destroyed in a bomb attack near a crowded overpass in western Kabul.

On July 23, 84 persons mainly from Hazara ethnic minority were killed and 305 injured when three suicide bombers hit a street protest in Dehmazang neighborhood. The IS militant group claimed responsibility.

On June 30, twin Taliban suicide bombers hit a five-bus convoy carrying police graduates in western Kabul. The attack killed 32 police and one civilian and injured 79 others.

On June 20, 13 Nepalese and two Indian security guards of the Canadian embassy were killed and nine people injured after a suicide attacker targeted a minibus in Jalalabad road east of Kabul.

On June 20, Attaullah Faizani, a provincial council member, and eight civilians were injured in an improvised explosive device (IED) attack in southern Kabul.

On June 5, Shir Wali Wardak, an Afghan lawmaker, was killed and 11 civilians were wounded in an IED blast in western Kabul.

On May 25, one suicide attacker targeted a minibus, killing 11 personnel of a local court and injuring 10 passersby in Bagh-e-Dawood locality of the city.

On April 19, a massive truck bombing was detonated near an intelligence agency office in Pul-e-Mahmood Khan area, killing 64, including 10 civilians, and injured nearly 350 others.

On April 11, two employees of Education Ministry were killed and seven ministry’s staff were wounded in an IED explosion in Kamari district, southeastern Kabul.

On March 28, three rockets landed in Afghan parliament compound, causing no loss of lives.

On Feb. 28, 15 persons, including 11 Defense Ministry personnel, were killed and 31 others wounded in a Taliban suicide attack on a bus outside the ministry’s compound in central Kabul.

On Feb. 1, 20 people, mostly police officers, died and 29 others were wounded when a suicide bomber detonated his explosive jacket at the gate of the Civil Order Police station in Dehmazang.

On Jan. 20, seven media workers and one passerby were killed and 24 others wounded after a Taliban suicide bomber struck a minibus belonging to Kaboora, an Afghan media production, in western Kabul.

On Jan. 4, three civilians died and 57 people were injured in a truck bombing against Camp Baron, a residential compound of foreign civilian contractors near the Hamid Karzai’s International Airport.

On Jan. 1, a suicide car bomb struck French Restaurant in Qala-e-Fatullah, near a diplomatic district in central Kabul, killing three civilians and injuring 18 others.–(Xinhua)

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