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Malnutrition threatens millions of Afghan children

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KABUL: Millions of children in Afghanistan are suffering from malnutrition, says the Save the Children, arguing that 12.8 million are in urgent humanitarian needs.

The London-based relief organization says that the deadly Corona virus had worsened economic situation in Afghanistan.

“The vulnerable families and the families who live in remote areas are poor and cannot get access to healthy and enough foodstuff for their children in the quarantine days. We call on the international community to assist children in Afghanistan with foodstuff,” said Maryam Ataie, spokeswomen of the organization on Saturday.

The organization says that it is very important to import humanitarian aids and merchants to take them to the remote areas where it is needed.

The United Nations International Children Emergency Fund (UNICEF), had warned in April that a long lockdown for prevention of the Corona virus spread would make many troubles for the poor families in Afghanistan and children would be the first victims.

The number of malnutrition-hit children in the country had 11 per cent increase compared to last year.

The total number of children affected by malnutrition reaches to 690,000, according to the UNICEF.

The United Nations reports that 14 million Afghan children need humanitarian aids.

Big cities in Afghanistan including the capital Kabul are in a lockdown since late March that has put a negative impact on the people’s lives.

The number of people infected with the Corona virus is around 24,000.

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