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Man shot dead his wife in northern Afghanistan

By M. Parwiz Arian

KABUL- A young woman has been shot dead by her husband in northwestern Faryab province of the country in an incident which is still under investigation, according to the officials.

The unfortunate incident happened in the insecure Garziwan district of northwestern Faryab province of the country recently officials said.

Although officials have said the suspected man is a drug addict, but the main reason behind the murder of this woman is still unclear.

The incident is still under investigation by the related organs, officials said.

The incident is the latest in string of the violence against women in the country, which going on now for almost two decades, despite government’s efforts over the past two decades in the country to prevent and reduce this negative trend.

Drug addiction remained one of the main reasons behind the domestic violence which annually tears apart family bounds and relations in thousands of families in the country.

The number of drug addicts is on rise in the country and, now in millions, particularly among the rural based people who have access to poppy and other types of drugs in their villages and districts.

Afghanistan has remained the top producer of poppy in the world for the past several years and efforts by the government and international community had little effects to eliminate or decrease the cultivation, traffic and production of opiate related drugs in the country.

The poppy is mostly being cultivated in insecure or Taliban controlled areas of Afghanistan.

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