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Marshal Dostum Supports Interim Govt. if ‘System’ Preserves

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KABUL: Marshal Abdul Rashid Dostum, leader of Jonbesh-e-Milli (National Movement), a political party, says an interim government was acceptable to maintain the current governing system.

Earlier, other political figures had spoken about the interim administration since the intra-Afghan negotiations began in September in Qatar.

“If this system is maintained, if our 19-year achievements, our constitution, parliament, senate, defense and security forces and women’s rights are protected, and if peace be gained in the interim government, then if the president is also asked he would accept the interim administration just Taliban should not seek other pretexts to launch another war,” Dostum said in an interview with the BBC.

He said that Taliban delegation tried to insult and disgrace the Afghan negotiators by leaving meetings, calling on the insurgents to stop ambitions and join the peace process.

Dostum who was Ghani’s first vice president in the past, has repeatedly said he would defeat Taliban within “four or six months if Ghani lets him.” But he criticizes Ghani for not trusting him.

Dostum says he had talked to a number of Taliban leaders including Abdul Mannan Neyazi when he was vice president.

Mullah Abdul Mannan is commander of a Taliban’s offshoot and was member of the leading board of the group in the past.

“These people were our guests for one week, I asked them to share their plans with me and they said they would not fight with us and would stop suicide attack,” said Dsotum.

Dostum said that some of his guests were Taliban’s senior officials who had asked him to proved houses for them in Turkey because they wanted to get out of Pakistan’s city of Quetta and cut ties with the Taliban.

He said that his efforts however did not work and his contacts with intelligence agencies if Iran, Pakistan, the UK, the US and Russia failed to encourage Taliban stop violence.

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