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Masoud condemns MOAB strike: ‘There is other proper way to eliminate Daesh’


AT-KABUL: Political expert and Ex-president Karzai’s advisor Shahzada Masoud on Tuesday condemned the use of mother of bombs by US forces on Daesh tunnels in Achin district of eastern Nangarhar province.

He said that there was other proper ways to target Daesh fighters.

The US forces Afghanistan conducted an airstrike against ISIS-K complex in Achin district Nangarhar province on Thursday and targeted Daesh hideout by GBU43 the biggest un-nuclear bomb.

This attack had different positive and negative reaction inside the country and in abroad.

“US forces could target Daesh through other proper ways such as guided missile,” said Masoud.

He said that using of biggest bomb in Afghanistan is violation of sovereignty of Afghanistan.

Slamming Daesh brutal attacks on civilians in Nangarhar, he said that there were more simple and proper ways to target Daesh fighters. Daesh threat is a stranger phenomenon, which imposed on Afghans by strangers, he added

He believed that using of biggest bomb is not the solution way, if using of heavy weapons were the right track Russian used different kinds of bombs and missiles, but it was result-less.

Using of biggest bomb was a kind of testing weapon and a military show to Russia, Iran and North Korea, he claimed.

Pointing to former President Karzai stance against US airstrike in Achin, he said that it is most of the nation stance and we strongly support it.

Urging people to unity, he said that ex-president must present a remedy to current crisis in order to be followed by people and say farewell to current problems.

He stated that Afghan people at the light of respecting sovereignty of Afghanistan willing to have good relation based on mutual interests with all neighboring and world countries.

He said that only summon of traditional Loya Jirga can be a proper way to overcome all challenges.

All political figures, parties and people must mobilize and make a clear decision to address current challenges, he noted.

Giving massage to all insurgents group that war is not the way for solution, he called on Afghan insurgents group to join traditional Loya Jirga in order to reach to peace and stability across the country.

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