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Mass demand power dam construction in Kunar

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: Hundreds of residents in eastern Kunar province marched a rally the other day, demanding the construction of a hydropower dam in the province.

The coordinator of the demonstration, Zabihullah Sabiq, said that the country is blessed with immeasurable water reservoirs, but unfortunately the potential is not used for the people’s benefit.

Maulvi Mohammad Anwar, another demonstrator suggested: “The government should construct a power dam in Sor Taq area of Asmar district as there is need of such installation that could help the province to prosperity.”

Another participant, Ahmad Shah said the construction of the dam in the province would create numerous job opportunities as well as it would empower the country’s economy and meet energy needs.

He added that infrastructural development projects could prevent youth of fleeing for abroad.

If water dams are constructed, he said: “We meet not only our domestic power needs but can export electricity to other energy-needy countries.”

According to a survey, the dam could generate hundreds of megawatts of electricity and irrigate tens of thousands of hectares of farmlands.

Kunar is one of the water-rich provinces, in which several water and power dams can be built. According to the information from the ministry of water and energy, Shal dam in Asmar district could have the capacity of producing some 796MW of power, while Soor Taq dam could generate a thousand megawatts.

Sagi area on the eastern suburbs of the provincial capital Assadabad could also produce nearly 300MW of power.

A 1970s survey estimated the Soor Taq dam could generated around 100MW of power.

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