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Massoud Day takeaways: We don’t have any decision making institution so far, says Sayyaf

“Karzai condemned the young brain-drain and called on youths to use their energies for rebuilding their own homeland”

Pakistan wants a weaker and puppet govt in Kabul, says Abdullah

AT-KABUL: The 14th death anniversary of Shaheed Ahmad Shah Masoud marked here on Wednesday.

The ex-President Hamid Karzai while addressing the ceremony accused Pakistan of involvement in Afghanistan’s insecurity. He also expressed his deep concerns regarding hundreds of Afghan youths seeking asylum in EU. He called on the youths to work for development of their country, instead of leaving for foreign countries.

Hinting at recent remarks of the Taliban commander Mansoor Dadullah, Hamid Karzai said that the Taliban have now realized that Pakistani spy agency is appointing their leaders.

Dadullah in a recent video clip said that he left Pakistan because their leaders were being appointed by Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

“Afghans have suffered a lot, but the cruelty of the wars and history didn’t disappear us as we still exist as a strong nation, because we are a patriot nation,” said Hamid Karzai.

While talking on patriotism, he quoted of Ahmad Shah Massoud that once he said that he will keep defending the country even if he had just an inch of the soil under his feet. “This is the extreme of patriotism,” Karzai said.

The former prominent jihadi leader Abdul Rab Rasool Sayyaf in his speech declared jihad against the Taliban movement. He said there is no Islamic justification of the Taliban movement. He said that those fighting for the Taliban were not martyrs.

He called on the government to mobilize the nation against Pakistan, or he will do so. Sayyaf also called on Afghan nation to gear up to defend their country and history.

Sayyaf said that the neighboring countries, particularly Pakistan should keep in mind that if they want to destroy Afghanistan, they will be destroyed first.

He said that currently Afghanistan doesn’t have a decision-making institution. He said that the government should announce the exact date of parliamentary elections soon. “If there is an obstacle before the elections, then call a Jirga to find a decision-making institution for the country,” he added.

President Ashraf Ghani in his video message said that enemies of Afghanistan are trying to make Afghans weak and keep them without a system.

Commending Shaheed Ahmad Shan Masoud as a key leader in Afghanistan’s history, President Ghani said that Masoud struggled his entire life for an Islamic government, independence, democracy and national unity.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abdullah Abdullah said that Pakistan want a week and puppet government in Afghanistan. “Afghanistan will never surrender to Pakistan’s will. Afghans don’t want a weak and puppet government,” he added.

Hinting at Afghanistan’s relations with Pakistan, Abdullah said that Kabul wants friendly ties with all neighboring countries, but the relations should be based on mutual respect.

Ahmad Shah Massoud, who fought Jihad against the Russians and then resisted against the Taliban’s regime, was assassinated by two Arabs posing as journalists in Takhar province on Sept 9, 2001.

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