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MCC donates medical supplies to Afghan government against COVID-19

One world, one fight.MCC is taking actions to fight against Covid-19

KABUL: On 5th April, the first batch of Covid-19 supplies donated by China Metallurgical Group (MCC) arrived in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, and was handed over to the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum (MOMP). This batch of medical supplies mainly included tests kits, gloves, masks and others. Furthermore, the second batch will be shipped to Afghanistan in the near future.

As the largest foreign investment project in Afghanistan, the Aynak Copper Mine project signed between MCC and Afghan government back in 2008 has received widespread attentions and strong supports from both the Afghan government and afghan people. The project is currently under the negotiation stage for contract modification.

An official from Aynak management team of the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum, expressed his gratitude immediately after receiving the donated supplies, said, “thank you very much for the donation from MCC. These supplies will be delivered to the people in need and will be particularly useful for preventing Covid-19. We really appreciate that”.

China and Afghanistan are friendly neighbors linked by mountains and rivers, with the amicable and frequent exchanges between two peoples. In face of the pandemic, we should help each other and strengthen our cooperation. Even if there are thousands of miles apart, MCC believes that love can surmount the Hindu Kush Mountains barrier and sincerely hopes that these supplies will do a bit to help the Afghan government and medical staff to fight the pandemic. As the slogan on the boxes saying, MCC will always stand with the Afghan government and people to face the challenges hand in hand, with practical actions to fulfill the social responsibilities of Chinese enterprises and dedicate our love.

MCC firmly believes that, under the robust leadership of the Afghan government and the unswerving solidarity of afghan people, Afghanistan will definitely get through this pandemic crisis and prevail over the fight against Covid-19.(By Li Zhenghuan)

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