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Media supporting bodies stress on female journalists’ freedom in peace process

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KABUL: Some media supporting organizations say that the ongoing peace process should not ignore female journalists’ freedom.

Seddiqullah Tawhidi, head of the media supporting organ (NAI) said Wednesday that the peace process also needs to observe achievements gained in the past 18 years, particularly women’s rights.

The media supporting bodies also said that any kind of restrictions against women reporters in the peace process was opposing the constitution, international laws and freedom of speech.

Meanwhile, a number of female journalists ask the government to give part to them in the peace talks.

The committee of Afghan journalists’ safety believes that war expansion is the element of increasing violence against women journalists in the current year.

The committee says that any process that leads to peace should observe women journalists’ rights.

Women journalists support the peace process, however, they express concerns on the results. They urge that peace talks with the armed Taliban should not overshadow achievements of the past two decades and should not limit women’s part in the media.

The US representatives are busy in talks with Taliban officials for the fifth time in Qatar to find a solution for the longtime war in Afghanistan.

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