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Mehrabi: Central Bank of Afghanistan need conditional access to money for economic stability


Kabul: “Shah Mohammad Mehrabi”, a member of the Afghanistan Trust Fund board in Switzerland, said that the central bank of Afghanistan should have conditional access to its assets abroad in order to use it for economic stability, banking performance and reducing inflation.

He added that 150 million dollars should be injected monthly from Afghanistan’s assets to preserve the value of the Afghani currency.

Mehrabi expressed, “The use of this currency should be aimed only at stabilizing prices to defend the value of the Afghani.

This process can be continuously monitored and audited. Through this process, the purchasing power of the Afghan currency will increase and Afghans will be able to meet their needs.

Member of the Supreme Council of the Central Bank of Afghanistan in the United States said that the purpose of establishing a trust fund in Switzerland is to protect the assets of Afghanistan and said that these assets will eventually be transferred to Afghanistan.

He continued, 3.5 billion US dollars have been set aside for the people of Afghanistan, the tangible assets must be protected and for this purpose, a trust fund for the people of Afghanistan will be established as an independent foundation .

On the other hand, the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment announced that the assets of Afghanistan should be used in the growth of the country’s economy and should not be given to banks.

Earlier, some of the experts on the economic issues of Afghanistan pointed to the transfer of a part of the country’s assets to the Swiss Bank and stressed that such a move would aggravate the economic crisis in Afghanistan.

According to reports, Washington is going to transfer 3.5 billion dollars from the seized assets of Afghanistan to the “International Settlement Bank”.

The International Settlement Bank is an international financial institution related to central banks that strengthens international monetary and financial cooperation and acts as a bank for central banks.

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