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Meshrano Jirga urges govt to take up Afghan asylum seekers’ issue with Germany

Senators demanded of the government to convene Loya Jirga eyes of the general public as soon as possible because the crisis has already become pervasive and the govt is losing its image in the

“Deportation is no remedy. After risking their lives and selling their properties at home if they are deported by Germany, the failed asylum seekers will definitely join militants and become a biggest security threat,” warns Meshrano Jirga

Abdul Zuhoor Qayomi-KABUL: The Meshrano Jirga (MJ)—the Upper House of the Parliament in its Sunday’s session called on the government to take up the issue of Afghan asylum seekers with Germany and pave the way for their voluntary repatriation, as security and economic situation doesn’t look promising at home and if they were deported, it will unleash a new challenge.

Two weeks ago, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that her country would start deporting Afghan asylum seekers as Berlin is grappling with a worst refugee crisis in the aftermath of security crisis across the Muslim world. The Meshrano Jirga came into move when Germany’s Federal Ministry of the Interior said that Berlin and Kabul has agreed on kicking of deportation program for Afghan refugees.

Nisar Hares, a member of International Relation Committee (IRC) of Meshrano Jirga criticized Germany for its flawed policy toward Afghan refugees. He said that growing insecurity and lack of job opportunities forced them to take a deadliest route to Europe. “Given that they had promising security and economic situation, they would never have taken the troublesome route to Europe,” he said. “If Germany sends the Afghan asylum seekers, our government doesn’t have the capacity to provide them jobs,” he said.

“There is no legal document between Kabul and Berlin singed for the deportation of Afghan refugees,” he said.

He said that it was just a telephonic conversation between President Ashraf Ghani and Angela Merkel regarding the influx of Afghan asylum seekers in Germany. However, he added this refugee crisis is an international challenge it needs to be resolved through Parliaments of the two countries.

Another Senator from Kabul, Farhad Sakhi, said the forced deportation of Afghan refugees is not the solution. He called on President Ghani to reconsider his plan of dealing with the refugee-crisis. “They reached Germany at while risking their lives and worldly belongings, and if they are returned with all their valuables lost, they will join the enemies of the country and cause a big security challenge for the country,” he said.

Tayeba Zahedi, a senator from Herat province expressed her deep concern over increase in joblessness and said that due to lack of financial support, a month ago two houses were looted by robbers in 11th jurisdiction of Khair Khana locality.

A senator from Baghlan, Faisal Sami, said that joblessness was a major challenge for the country, asking the government to step up efforts and suppress human traffickers as they play with dreams and emotions of young generation by taking them to Europe.

Deputy Speaker of Meshrano Jirga, Muhammad Alam Ezedyar asked the government to find solution to prevent forced deportation of Afghans from Germany as well as other parts of the European countries. He said the government should accelerate steps for voluntary repatriation of Afghan from Germany.

In the meantime, the senators called on the government to convene traditional Loya Jirga to find a remedy to current challenges.

They also urged the government to announce the exact date of parliamentary and district council elections.

Sher Mohammad Akhunzada, a senator from Helmand, said that the government has failed to overcome the deepening crises, thus it should call a Loya Jirga.

Zalmai Zabuli, another senator also urged the government to convene Loya Jirga soon.

However, Maulvi Muhauddin Munsif said that convening constitutional Loya Jirga was impossible without launching Wolesi Jirga and district council elections.

Deputy Speaker of the Meshrano Jirga, Muhammad Alam Ezidyar, said that the government should announce exact date of Wolesi Jirga elections before convening Loya Jirga.




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