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Militants dynamite newly constructed school in Kandahar

By M. Parwiz Arian

KABUL- Unknown armed militants have blown up a newly constructed school building by Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) in southern Kandahar province of the country on Friday night, officials said.

The newly constructed school building was destroyed in 2nd Camp area of Zerai district of southern Kandahar province Friday night.

The armed men have placed explosives and IEDs inside the school building and badly destroyed the building which was recently constructed by government.

This school was constructed by the Ministry of Rural Development as part of its Eqqra project with a total cost of five million Afghanis.

This happens as part of the recent series of attacks against public infrastructures of the country, mostly in insecure parts of Afghanistan.

At least two roads and several bridges were destroyed recently in southern Kandahar and northern Takhar provinces of the country by Taliban fighters, as part of their long-implemented strategy to prevent the movement of the Afghan security forces convoys in insecure areas.

But attackers behind the school bombing in Kandahar has not been identified, according to officials.

school bombed in Zerai district of Kandahar on October 6/2020

The school building was bombed in a while that nearly half of the country’s schools have no building or have improper and damaged buildings in throughout the country, according to the World Bank data.

There are around nine million children enrolled in schools, nearly 38 percent of them girls.

But still 3.7 million children, most of them girls, don’t have access to schools and are deprived of the education.

Afghan schools have remained under constant attacks in the past two decades- ranging from armed attacks to bombings and even use of toxic chemicals against students has been reported in various schools of the country, particularly in girl schools in the past two decades.

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