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‘Militants grow stronger after release of 5,000 prisoners’

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KABUL: Government officials in Balkh claim Taliban have increased their insurgent operations after 5,000 of their prisoners were released from prisons, lending weight to their violence.

Taliban subversive activity increased in some district of Balkh as well as their attacks intensified over security check points and commando bases.

Local officials in Balkh said that the Taliban attacks have been increased 100-150 percent since 15 days.

This comes while recently Ministry of Interior (MoI) has sacked eight local officials of Balkh with the blame of weak management in security enforcement in Mazar-e-Sharif.

Chamtal, Chaharbolak, Balkh, Dawlat Abad, Shortepa, Sholgra, Zarey and Nahr-e-Shahi residents in Balkh claimed that Taliban has increased in the mentioned areas since around two weeks.

According to residents, the Taliban rebels implement their own rules in the areas under their control.

In the area where Taliban are active the people are not allowed to shave their beard and the engaged youths cannot see their fiancée before marriage as well as Taliban do judgmental in these areas.

Nawid Ahmad resident of Chaharbolak district told to Radio Azadi that Taliban activity is too much, the people are not allowed to live as their like due to fear of the group, no one shave beard in Taliban under control area and nor referring judicial cases to the government.

Gul Rahman Hamdard Member of the Wolesi Jirga (Lower House) of the Parliament said that after releasing of over 5000 Taliban prisoners, the group’s activity has been rose in different part of the country.

Mr. Hamdard stated that the Taliban militants have under control 60 percent of the areas of eight districts of Balkh, which its security enforcement is the responsibility of police and upriseres as well as governmental organs are not operating in these areas.

Hamdard claimed that Taliban are mostly in the districts, where local police and uprisers are there. Government is not providing services in the area where Taliban are presence.

Balkh Governor Spokesman Munir Farhad while, confirmed increasing of ramp up insecurity in the province, said that six districts are witness of insecurity since around one year and recently Taliban started activity in two other districts.

He said that geographically the Taliban presence has increased 28 percent in Balkh.

Mr. Farhad said that military operations are on track to secure these districts back.

Taliban conducted four-six attacks in Balkh during 24 hours, where it was one-two attack in the past, he added.

Taliban also confirmed their presence in Balkh, the group spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid has said that the Taliban militant was behind two weeks ago attack over a commando base in Balkh district.

It is pertained to mention that due to Taliban activity not only insecurity increased in Balkh districts, but ramp up of criminal cases and cryptic killings by unknown gunmen in Mazar-e-Sharif capital city of Balkh has provoked security concerns in the province as well.

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