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Militants train women as suicide bombers in Nuristan: Official

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: Militants in Kamdesh district of Nuristan province are training a number of women to become suicide bombers, said an official.

The Deputy Chief of Nuristan Provincial Council, Omer Farooq Qanuni, told Azadi Radio on Sunday that a number of women in Gawhardesh area of Kamdesh district were being trained to carryout terrorist attacks. “We have warned the central government several times, however, it is still to take action,” he said. Qanuni urged the government to launch military offensives against militants in Kamdesh, Barg-e-Matal and Waigal districts of the province; otherwise the districts might fall to the Taliban. “Military training to women will become a headache for the government, if it failed to take timely action,” he added.

Civil society activists in the province also confirmed that a number of women had joined the Taliban militants in Gawhardesh area of Kamdesh. They said that most of these women are widows of the militants, who were killed by Afghan security forces.

Saheb Dad Hamdard, a civil society activist and freelance journalist in Nuristan, said that the women were now fighting against security forces. He said that the issue has raised concerns of locals.

However, security officials in the province rejected the remarks as baseless and said that there was no evidence to prove that women were receiving military training in Kamdesh district. Nuristan Police Chief, Muhammad Ekram Saree, said that there was no evidence in hand to prove that militants are training women to become suicide bombers. “No female suicide bomber has been arrested in Nuristan so far,” he added.  Saree said that security forces recently launched a military offensive in Kamdesh killing 10 militants wounded 14 others. He added that militants in the province don’t have the capacity to fight against Afghan forces.

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