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Military experts warn of a possible war in space


Kabul: Space commanders on Monday warned of a possible war in space with devastating and debilitating consequences on Earth, according to a report by The Guardian.

The comments were made by senior military leaders attending the U.S. and Canada at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute conference on space as the new frontier in “commerce, industry, competition and war.”

The leaders emphasized that thus far China and Russia have demonstrated that they’re capable and perhaps willing to start such a war and highlighted the importance of working with allies, including Australia, to counter these threats.

Lt Gen Nina Armagno, staff director of the U.S .Space Force, said Russia’s destruction of an American satellite last year was a “stunning display”.

“We’re interpreting that … as a message and demonstration of capability,” she said.

Brigadier general Michael Adamson, commander at 3 Canadian Space Division said that China was openly showcasing its power in space as well.

If satellites are attacked then that can result in the failure on Earth of GPS systems, banking systems, power grids, first responders’ communications, military operations and more.

Meanwhile the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the satellites that are used to support the forces in the western part of Ukraine can be used to identify legal targets for the forces of this country.

It added that the satellites in space are being used illegally and is legal to become a target.

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