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Miller praises Afghan commandos for pressurizing Taliban

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KABUL: Gen. Austin Scott Miller, Commander of US and NATO Forces in Afghanistan on Friday praised the Afghan Commands for pressurizing the Taliban insurgents by carrying out several operations against them, assuring of US and NATO’s troops to be remained a partner of Afghans in war and in peace alike.

He said this in a meeting in western Herat province, and said so far he received no order on US pullout from Afghanistan

“Nothing would make me happier to see commandos have operations every single night… and putting a lot of pressure on the Taliban,” he said. “I also want you to know that I as a soldier absolutely support a political settlement where Afghans decide together how to bring the violence to end,” Miller said.

Meanwhile, Herat Governor Abdul Qayum Rahimi welcomed the ongoing peace efforts by the Afghan and US governments but said that the past 18 years’ achievements should be protected in the process.

“The people of Afghanistan want peace but a peace with dignity. We do not want a peace by losing the achievements of the past [18] years. The peace which will result in dissolving of the [Afghan] Army is not the demand of the Herat residents. The Herat residents have raised this issue in many occasions,” TOLONews quoted him, as saying.

The Afghan Army’s 207 Zafar Corps Commander Major General Noorullah Qaderi said operations against the Taliban continue in many parts of the west zone.

“The doors are open for those Taliban who are Afghans and who want peace; otherwise, the Taliban fighters who are not from this country and who want to fight must be killed,” Qaderi said.  

“The efforts of the Afghan forces day and night are for ensuring a better life for the people and to allow children to go to schools,” Herat Police Chief Gen. Aminullah Amarkhail said.

Miller held talks with security officials in Herat where they stressed on ensuring the security of the western zone – which includes Herat, Farah, Badghis, and Ghor provinces.  

Reports indicate that some parts of the west zone including Bala Murghab district in Badghis and parts of Farah province are counted as insecure parts of the west of Afghanistan.

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