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Mixed reactions in Afghanistan over US-Taliban peace deal

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KABUL: Some Afghans criticize the Taliban and US for signing a peace deal in the absence of Afghan government’s officials and representatives, saying that Washington was the decision maker of the Afghan war and peace.

Sayed Massoud, a university lecturer, said on Facebook that the government of President Ghani was unauthorized just like the past rulers. He said that the Untied States was the first and last decision maker in the Afghan war.
“In the past the Emirs (kings) were players of domestic policies, but United Kingdom and British India were the main decision-makers. Now, it is the United States who makes decision for our war and peace,” he commented.
Massoud believes that the government was losing its largest supportive base, while Taliban were celebrating with a supportive shield from Pakistan, Saudi, Qatar and other partners.
Pakistan has been repeatedly accused by Afghan officials of backing Taliban, but it has frequently rejected the allegations. Meanwhile, Taliban have always claimed of independence in decision making.
But Massoud says that Pakistani foreign minister’s presence in the deal signing ceremony and his statements, brings Taliban’s independence under question.
“From now onwards, the West wants to follow their policy of leading and controlling of Afghanistan trough Pakistan’s corridor as they did in the past.”

Massoud predicts that a modern, colored and designed Islamic Emirate which is Pakistan’s old wish, will come out in Afghanistan.
He wrote that Taliban are now facing annihilation after they signed the peace agreement to share the power, despite they had called for cancelation of election and forming a transitional administration.
Meanwhile, Shah Hussain Mortazawi, President Ghani’s senior adviser, says that the president manages both war and peace, asking his fellow-citizens not to be worried about the achievements gained in the past 19 years.
He said Saturday that the flexible point and red lines were highlighted in the peace negotiations, so nothing would be done in secret.
“We need to be confident that Afghanistan won’t go back to past era. The values won’t be dealt. The future won’t be dark.”
Murtazawi says that peace should end the years of violence.
He accused “some politicians” of looking at peace as a privilege, saying they work hard to gain their shares through different addresses. He said that several addresses without programs only empower Taliban.
The US envoy for Afghan peace, Zalmay Khalilzad on Saturday signed the peace deal with Taliban’s head of political office Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar in Qatar, where the two sides negotiated the 10-time peace negotiation.
Representatives from 30 countries and international organizations attended the signing ceremony.

The government’s delegation went to Qatar to talk on the release of 5,000 Taliban fighters it is holding, not to attend the ceremony.

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